Completely Insane

...and a bit magnificent

My one dream is to...

gain citizenship to the UK. After that, I intend to a) become a published author, b) marry David Tennant, c) failing b), marry a nice British lad, preferably Scottish, but not a requirement, d) using my fame from being a best seller *cough*Yeah,right*cough*, go into film, eitehr acting or screenplay writing, but preferably acting, and e) see my best friend perform opera in a famous Italian opera house (or French ;)).

About me:

I'm completely mad, as you can tell, positively obsessed with all things Whovian with several other obsessions on the side (such as: Labyrinth, Phantom of the Opera, POTC, just to name a few), I am a poet and fanfic writer and do intend to one day publish an original romance. Anyone who's ever read a real romance knows there's no such thing as an original one, but I'm doing my best, just have a little faith.

I love many many things, including you, love you!

I joined LJ because...

of a Doctor Who fanfic competition. Having already started a monstrous fic, I decided it was high-time I actually got an LJ instead of sneaking icons away without crediting, like the bad person I am *is shamed*.